Loans Library

A world of toys and games

The Loans Library is a service that offers patients a wide range of toys, games and crafts that can be borrowed during their time in hospital. Volunteers visit the wards with a trolley full of fun resources, inviting patients to borrow whatever catches their eye. Children are welcome to borrow items from the Loans Library for their stay in hospital.

As the hospital experience can be particularly overwhelming for children, inserting play time into their day-to-day activity allows kids time to just be kids. The Loans Library is a simple initiative with a huge impact, enhancing the healing environment by bringing joy to patients.

For all children, especially those who might be confined to bed, the Loans Library ensures that they don’t have to be bored during their stay in hospital or miss out on the daily moments of play that every child should be able to enjoy.

For the families of patients, seeing their children play means more than words could measure. The children’s eyes light up when they see the friendly entertainment volunteers walk in with their trolley full of games and toys.

Holly’s Story

How to access the Loans Library at Queensland Children’s Hospital

The Loans Library is a service that runs out of Kidzone (during Kidzone opening hours). You can visit the Kidzone to loan toys and games or ask a volunteer in a green shirt.

This service is only made possible with the support of generous donors. For more information on how you can support the Loans Library, talk to one of our friendly volunteers or contact Volunteer Services on 07 3068 1662

Zayden’s Toy Box

We are proud to offer a range of switch adapted and sensory toys for loan from ‘Zayden’s Toy Box’.

Patients and families can borrow items for short periods of time to help provide entertainment during their hospital stay.

To arrange a loan of one of these items you can visit Kidzone on level 6 or call us on 3068 1662.


In memory of Zayden.

In May 2021, four-year-old Zayden passed away from a life limiting and extremely rare condition GABRB2 Genetic Mutation.  Zayden and his family had a such a huge input into establishing and developing the Playability service, we wanted to recognise their contribution.

So out of something very sad came something truly wonderful, the re-naming of the playability library to Zayden’s Toy Box.

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