Scholastic Book Bunker

Get lost in a book

The Scholastic Book Bunker is a special place in the hospital where sick kids and their siblings can come and lose themselves in a story. With access to more than 5,000 books, kindly donated by Scholastic, children can either visit the Scholastic Book Bunker themselves or have our friendly volunteers visit their ward with a trolley of great tales.

For all patients, but especially those who are confined to bed, the Scholastic Book Bunker is something to look forward to.

Our volunteers, who are recognisable by their green shirts and bright smiles, are always happy to read to patients, which many of the children regularly request. Whether the kids are reading or being read to, this service provides much needed relief from the clinical environment.

Children have an amazing ability to completely fall into a story and being immersed in a book allows patients to explore other worlds and interact with their favourite characters, while delivering a much-needed distraction.

Being in hospital can be a stressful time for both children and their families, reading is known to have a calming effect and reduce stress, it can help normalise a situation that is often anything but normal.

Eliza’s Story

Eliza was born with multiple complications and diagnosed with Charge Syndrome when she was two, while she and her family were living in Sydney. The family moved to Brisbane five months later and have been coming to the Queensland Children’s Hospital for eight years.

When Heather, Eliza’s mum, brought her to the hospital, one service that Eliza always requested was the Scholastic Book Bunker.

“For a period of time, Eliza was bedbound, so the Book Bunker volunteers would pop around with their trolley and give us both books to read – it was amazing.

“She always asks for the Book Bunker volunteers because she’s really into princess stories and they’ve got a great selection.

“It means a lot that the volunteers not only bring around books for the kids, but that they’re also happy to read to them too.

“Eliza loves being read to, and when the volunteers pop up, it means I can grab a coffee or get a quick moment of fresh air while she’s completely entertained.

“When you spend such long stretches of time at the hospital, the volunteers are a real help.

“When Eliza gets bored, she’ll grab a book and hunker down, and when she’s in the ICU it was really great for me to have the distraction.

“Our family has always been big readers, and the Scholastic Book Bunker program has provided a great escape for us when we’ve needed it.”

How to access the Scholastic Book Bunker at Queensland Children’s Hospital

The Scholastic Book Bunker is open on Level 2 from 9am to 12:30pm, Monday to Friday with the mobile service operating every day.  The entrance to the Scholastic Book Bunker can be found by going out through the main doors onto Raymond Terrace and turning to the right – if you get to the Pink Bunny you’ve gone too far!

To request a visit from Scholastic Book Bunker volunteers, speak to your nurse or call 07 3068 4730.