Kidzone – Supervised Play

Kidzone is located on Level 6 - come and play!

Hospitals can be scary places, which is why it’s important for kids to have a place to go where they can have fun, play and just be kids.

Our staff and volunteers manage a free supervised playroom called Kidzone on Level 6 of the Queensland Children’s Hospital. There are toys and activities for kids of all ages including Nintendos and PlayStations, arts and crafts, board games, action figurines, dolls, cars, bubbles, playdough, and more.

Kidzone gives kids the opportunity to get out of their rooms and gives siblings a place to play and have fun while their brother or sister receives treatment or attends an appointment.

The stress of appointments and treatments can be hard on families – both on patients and on their parents and siblings. Kidzone gives everyone the opportunity for a break, whether it be for 10 minutes while mum and dad have a coffee, for an hour while a sibling receives treatment, or every day during a long stay.

Play is such an important aspect of a child’s life, so we want to make sure that even though they are in hospital, they have an opportunity to smile, laugh and just be kids. Our dedicated volunteers are always happy to get involved with the fun and games, and their goal is to bring a smile to the face of every Kidzone visitor.

Mahlia’s Story

Before Mahlia was even born, she was diagnosed in utero with a congenital heart defect and when she was just eight days old, Mahlia had her first surgery in 2018.

Originally from Perth, Mahlia’s family came back to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in April 2019 and ended up staying for four and a half months so that Mahlia could have two more open heart surgeries.

During this time, Mahlia’s mum Kate was able to use the Kidzone to make sure her two sons Bailey and Logan, and daughter Laylah, were able to play and just be kids.

“Both my boys were at the hospital school during the four and a half months that Mahlia was admitted.

“They were in the hospital from 9am to 5pm, so straight after school they’d make a beeline for the Kidzone and play there until I picked them up, and then during the holidays the three kids would be there all day.

“Being in the hospital, you’ve got to be quiet and the Kidzone is just one place where they can go and just be kids – be loud and play and just do some sort of normal activity.

“My husband works away, so I don’t think I would have been able to cope so well without the Kidzone and the amazing volunteers who work there.

“On weekends, the kids would just be waiting for 10am so that they could go play, they loved all the events that were on, especially the dance challenge – it made them feel special when I had to have my focus on Mahlia.

“It’s a place that’s all about fun and being a kid – watching my kids interact with other children and play with the volunteers, it meant the world.”


How to access Kidzone at Queensland Children’s Hospital

During COVID -19, patients and their families can access Kidzone on Level 6 of Queensland Children’s Hospital on business days:

Supervised play
Monday to Friday 9am-12pm

Open for general play
Monday to Friday 12pm-4.30pm

Children under two (2) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and a parent or guardian must remain on-site at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

For more information, talk to one of our friendly volunteers or contact Volunteer Services on 07 3068 1662.

Want to support Kidzone?

Everything we do for the patients and their families is made possible by generosity and support of our donors, partners and the community. It is only with their support that we can make services like Kidzone a place where kids can just be kids. If you’d like to donate any toys or resources to Kidzone, contact Every donation can work wonder for sick kids.

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