Woolworths Wayfinders

Never lose your way

Woolworths Wayfinders is an information and way-finding service for any visitor to the Queensland Children’s Hospital. The Wayfinder volunteers are like your own personal ‘sat nav’ – no matter where you need to go within the hospital, you’ll never lose your way with the Wayfinders.

Sometimes families can arrive at hospital anxious, confused and away from their loved ones. The Woolworths Wayfinders are there to greet you with a welcoming smile and personally help you find your way around the hospital.

The Woolworths Wayfinders have been specially trained to make navigating the Queensland Children’s Hospital a breeze. Their in-depth knowledge of every area will ensure you find your way to your next appointment in plenty of time.

Not only will the Wayfinders help families navigate the hospital, but they are also the go-to volunteers in regard to what resources are available outside of the building – places to grab a bite to eat, find pharmacies, grocery stores – whatever families need for their time in the hospital.

The Queensland Children’s Hospital has a vast layout, so for first timers, or even families who have been a few times, finding your way can be daunting. The Woolworths Wayfinders are there to take you where you need to go.

Some of our Wayfinders also support tours for the cardiac department. Families are assigned a Wayfinder, who will take them on a tour of the hospital prior to surgery. The Wayfinders give families peace of mind, knowing that there is a dedicated person to help them along their hospital journey.

Merlin’s Story

At the age of six, Merlin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2016 while he and his family were living in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

His family made the move to Brisbane so that they could be close the hospital and were completely blown away by the unconditional love of the Wayfinder volunteers. Particularly for Merlin’s mother, Helena, having access to a service like Woolworths Wayfinders made a huge difference to the family’s hospital experience.

“In the beginning, we were fairly new to Brisbane and the hospital seemed really daunting – the Wayfinders really helped us out.

“Even as we got more confident navigating the hospital, we would always stop and chat because they were just lovely people.

“Because we were in and out of the hospital so much, we got to know some of the volunteers really well.

“Merlin would always make a bee-line right for the volunteers, he loved interacting with them, they’d make him laugh and smile.

“The difference that the Wayfinders made to our experience at the hospital is beyond words.

“Because of Merlin’s illness, we’ve touched almost every part of the hospital, so even though we know our way around pretty well, we always know that we can go to the Wayfinders and they’ll be like sunshine on a cloudy day.

“When we first found out about Merlin’s diagnosis, it could have easily turned into a traumatic situation, but these volunteers have made our medical journey a really positive one.

“The love and support we have felt from the Wayfinders and the fact that they were always happy to go above and beyond has been such a gift.

“We’ve lived in many communities across Australia, and both my partner and I both say that the best community we’ve ever been a part of is the hospital community.”

How to find the Woolworths Wayfinders at Queensland Children’s Hospital

The Woolworths Wayfinders are available from 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Look out for the Wayfinders in the main entrance area on Level 2. They will be the friendly welcoming faces wearing green polo shirts or aprons.