Children's Hospital Foundation and Woolworths - 30 years together helping sick kids

Since 1986, the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Woolworths have been in partnership to help sick kids and their families throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

From Monday 27 June to Sunday 24 July, visit your local Woolworths store and buy a $2 wall token from the checkout to help us fund life-saving medical equipment for kids at major and regional hospitals.

Each $2 wall token features one of our amazing Woolworths ambassadors. When you purchase a wall token, you will be helping sick kids in your region to laugh and smile, get better, and go home sooner.

To continue our work saving lives, lessening the hurt and helping sick kids to heal, we rely on the generous support from those who, like us, want to help sick kids.

Meet our extraordinary Woolworths ambassadors and read their incredible stories

Henry, 10 years, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Holly, 4 months, hypoplastic left heart complex
Koen, 10 years, cerebral palsy – spastic diplegia
Bella. 13 years, osteosarcoma


Sunshine Coast
Brodie, 15 years, cystic fibrosis
Mackenziee, 13 years, cerebral palsy
Sam, 9 years, cataracts
Sayde, 11 months, laryngomalacia
Mitchell, 12 years, brain tumour
Maggie, 2 years, dwarfism


Atticus, 4 months, laryngeal cleft
Tyler, 8 years, rhabdomyosarcoma
Mia, 12 years, soft-tissue cancer


Northern NSW