The Children’s Hospital Foundation is made up of experienced leaders who steer your support to where it will make the most difference. Our team creates opportunities for partners and donors, and spreads magic through entertainment, delivering the highest care and support. In this we are united.

cameron prout

Cameron Prout

Cameron Prout is a committed leader determined to make the level of care and support offered by the Children’s Hospital Foundation the best it can be on the world stage of children’s health.
damon mudge

Damon Mudge

Damon Mudge is an experienced operator of commercial and non-profit organisations, with his widespread expertise relevant across every aspect of the Chief Operating Officer’s role.

Jeff McDaniel

Jeff brings extensive experience to the team, with a background in medicine and healthcare and a successful track record in capital campaigns, planned giving and major gift fundraising.
nick van dyke

Nick Van Dyke

Nick Van Dyke plans, develops and manages the day-to-day workings in three invaluable areas of the organisation – volunteering, entertainment and patient & family care.