Damon Mudge is an experienced operator of commercial and non-profit organisations, with his widespread expertise a key component of the Executive Management Team.

Damon Mudge

Chief Operating Officer

Damon joined the Children’s Hospital Foundation as Chief Operating Officer in June 2014, a crucial time in our history. With the opening of the new children’s hospital stretching the requirements and limits of our team and resources, his expertise was needed.

Damon has over 20 years’ experience in the operation of commercial and non-profit organisations in the pharmaceutical, medical and health industries. Prior to joining the Children’s Hospital Foundation, he was acting COO-Health & Research and National Director of Operations for the Heart Foundation. His areas of expertise include governance, risk and compliance, strategic and operational planning, information technology, legal services, change management, budgeting, project management and corporate relations.

Recognised as a natural leader from a young age, Damon is passionate about the development of others. He establishes relationships and trust across all levels of the organisation through his approach and conduct and he is a trusted Executive.