We are incredibly fortunate to work together with organisations committed to providing the best possible treatment, care and support to sick children and their families.


A new era for working wonders in Queensland has started with the opening of the largest children’s hospital and research precinct in the southern hemisphere. We want to ensure that our children’s hospital is not just the biggest but also the best. Working with our partners will help make this happen.

We work together with organisations to deliver on their brand strategies, corporate objectives, staff and community engagement goals. We help to ensure that everyone has a way to get involved, with full benefits achieved at the organisational level.

We welcome partnership interest on any number of levels. You may wish to improve employee engagement through team fundraising or by joining our payroll giving program. There may be an event or campaign where a sponsorship or hosting package would align with your organisation’s brand strategy and help achieve corporate objectives. Some of our partners prefer to make significant cash donations. No matter what kind of partnership you’re looking for, make no mistake, you will be making a real difference to the lives of sick kids and their families.

For our largest corporate partners, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years, we work together to develop a tailored partnership package that often includes all of these initiatives and more. Whatever it takes to achieve the best outcomes and to deliver extraordinary fundraising results and care programs for children. We work with our partners to make it happen.

In celebration of this landmark year, some of our generous media partners and corporate supporters are working with us by hosting large-scale events that will significantly grow awareness of the extraordinary possibilities before us.

To find out more about how your organisation could work wonders with us to help sick kids please contact the Partnerships team or email partnerships@childrens.org.au.