• Dedicated Steggles Cuddle Carer Edna with Isaiah, 1 month, heart condition

  • Jack, 15 months, omphalocele, with his mum Anita and music therapist Maggie

    Jack, 15 months old, omphalocele, with his mum Anita and music therapist Maggie
  • Ruby, 5 years, neuroblastoma, showing off her Bravery Beads (photo courtesy of Courier Mail)

Your support is vital in helping us continue our clinical care programs, making a world of difference to the lives of sick kids and their families in hospital. These programs have become a crucial part of the healing process and helping sick kids to get better and go home.

bravery beads

Bravery Beads recognise the strength and courage kids in hospital show every single day when they face a procedure or treatment. Every bead is a bravery award for kids with serious or life-threatening illnesses, and for some, the string is metres long. Bravery Beads are currently available at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Bundaberg Hospital. With your support we look forward to offering the program to children in regional hospitals throughout Queensland.

burns clinic

Having dressings changed and other burns procedures can be a painful and traumatic experience. Our volunteers make sure there are fun distractions on hand before, during and after treatment. Research has proven that distracting kids while their dressings are being changed significantly speeds up the healing process, helping them get better and go home sooner.

music therapy

For many sick kids, music therapy is an integral part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Music helps build, or rebuild, important neurological pathways that help children regain control of their language, speech and coordination. Through the generosity of our partners we are very proud to fund the music therapy program at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, which is the largest in the southern hemisphere. With your help we can continue to work wonders for sick kids through music and help them lead happy and vibrant lives.

my trip to hospital

Reassuring sick kids of all ages and their families about an upcoming trip to the children’s hospital through a series of age relevant activity books and videos that carefully explain their stay.

Find out more about My Trip to Hospital, watch the videos and download the books.

oncology outpatients

Our volunteers in the oncology outpatient area spend time with patients, distracting and entertaining them before and during their treatment. This comfort and support goes a long way to improve what can be a tedious and sometimes painful experience for children. Our volunteers work with hospital staff and sit and play with patients, side by side, to help ease the pain and anxiety of these procedures.

operating theatre support

We make sure there is someone there for parents and carers when their child is undergoing surgery. Volunteers help parents by explaining procedures, assisting them with theatre gowns, and spending time with family members in the waiting room. The company and reassurance of our volunteers helps to ease families’ anxiety as they wait for their child to finish in theatre and start their recovery process.

Steggles cuddle carers

Imagine the joy of bringing your child into the world. Now imagine the fear of hearing your precious baby is sick and needs to stay in hospital. You wouldn’t leave their bedside; not for one second. This is a reality for many parents at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The Steggles Cuddle Carers program gives parents the opportunity to take a break from their baby’s bedside, consult with medical staff, make phone calls, or catch up on some sleep. Our Cuddle Carer volunteers are there to give comfort to the tiniest of patients, making a big difference to parents and nursing staff. The value of a cuddle is priceless when it comes to a sick child.