The Children’s Hospital Foundation is the official charity of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, the Centre for Children’s Health Research, and for all sick kids throughout Queensland.  We work wonders for sick kids by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing comfort, entertainment, family support and care programs for sick kids.  Through your generous support, we can give our kids the best possible healthcare in the world.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation awards grants that will achieve the biggest impact on children’s health outcomes via two established grant-making schemes:

The Competitive Research Grant Scheme

Advances in medical research can replace fear with hope in some miraculous and life-changing ways to improve the quality of life for children everywhere. Through the generosity of our supporters, the Children’s Hospital Foundation funds research that is focussed on achieving real outcomes that improve children’s health and lead to faster diagnoses, better treatments and ultimately cures for some of the most devastating childhood illnesses and injuries.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation awards Preclinical and Clinical Research Grants to world-class scientists and clinicians in Queensland-based hospitals and laboratories.  We fund research projects and activities at all phases of the translational research pathway – from basic science to large-scale clinical trials – that support Children’s Health Queensland’s research strategy and themes.  Preclinical and Clinical Research Grants provide funding for research projects, PhD scholarships, postdoctoral fellowships, early career fellowships and practitioner fellowships.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation also funds Health Services Research Grants which aim to improve the way health care is delivered and maximise value for patients by ensuring systems and processes are effective and efficient. In this grant scheme, value is defined as health outcomes achieved versus the cost of achieving these.

The Services and Support Grant Scheme

The Children’s Hospital Foundation aims to enhance the patient care delivered in paediatric hospitals and healthcare centres throughout Queensland by funding Services and Support Grants.

Through the generosity of our supporters, the Children’s Hospital Foundation funds life-saving equipment that provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment solutions to dramatically improve health outcomes for sick kids.  We proudly award grants for patient and family support, comfort and entertainment programs that enhance the healing environment within hospitals, motivate the recovery process and provide financial support to families who are unexpectedly faced with episodes of acute or chronic illness.  The Children’s Hospital Foundation also provides funding for innovative health and medical services to support hospital infrastructure and develop the clinical, research and allied health workforces specialising in paediatric care.

Grants Governance Structure

The Children’s Hospital Foundation has a strong commitment to ensuring a strict funding assessment process governs all its grant-making activities. Grant applications undergo scrutiny and challenge via a stringent review process to ensure the best outcomes for children’s health in Queensland.

  • Competitive Research Grants are assessed, monitored and evaluated by the Children’s Hospital Foundation Research Advisory Committee, chaired by Professor Ian Frazer and comprising eminent and pre-eminent researchers and clinicians.
  • Services and Support Grants are governed by the Services and Support Collaborative Group, comprising executives from the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Health Queensland.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation Board is responsible for our activities, policies and strategies. Board members oversee our operations and affairs on behalf of our supporters, and ensure the expectations of the community are met.

Current Funding Opportunities

The Children’s Hospital Foundation currently runs two major Competitive Research Grant rounds each year through which all applications for research activities should be submitted.

Requests for equipment should initially be approved by your HHS Executive.  For Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, please submit a New Asset Request form to the Central Resources Service.  This will be assessed and prioritised by the Capital Works Committee and provided to the Children’s Hospital Foundation for fundraising purposes.

For all other Services and Support Grants, the Children’s Hospital Foundation calls for Expressions of Interest to be submitted at various stages throughout the year.

Please visit for details of current funding opportunities.

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Thank you for helping to improve quality of life and health outcomes for sick kids today and tomorrow.