Woolworths Regional Wall Tokens 2018

Eli's story

Eli has shown his bravery over and over again – first to protect his younger siblings from a fire, and then learning to live a happy and positive life after suffering serious burns injuries.

Lilly's story

Lilly, at just 10 days old, started having breathing difficulties, seizures and needed to be resuscitated.

Havana's story

For close to a year, the hospital has been Havana’s second home. Havana’s limp was mistaken for restless leg syndrome, despite multiple tests and x-rays. When doctors at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital did a full body MRI in the hope of finally finding answers, what they discovered was absolutely devastating.

Lucy's story

The chances of this happening were slim and now instead of enjoying her childhood, Lucy was fighting for her life.

Charlie's story

Charlie was just about to leave Redlands Hospital with his Mum and Dad, Kanitha and Casey, when the usual checks discovered this tiny two-day-old baby had a serious heart condition.

Millie's story

Millie and her family were less than 24 hours into their road trip around Australia, when Millie was hit by a car near Dalby and rushed to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Grayson's story

A purple spotty rash when Grayson was just eight months old was the first warning signs of his life-threatening genetic illness, which currently has no cure.

Hayley's story

Hayley was 11 years old when she went into a comatose state – her family not knowing what was wrong with their little girl.

Tommy's story

Tommy has been a fighter since before he was born. At 28 weeks, his mum Cindy was told her little boy had a rare genetic disorder and the devastating reality that her unborn son had a 2 per cent chance of survival.

Alana's story

In a cruel twist of fate, the best option to make Alana better also had a devastating side effect.

Sam's story

Looking at Sam as he rides the waves on the Gold Coast, it is hard to imagine what the 12-year-old has been through, and what his future holds.

Chloe's story

Chloe leaps in the air with the grace of a dancer and the strength of an athlete – masking the fact the 13-year-old lives with a condition that has no cure.

Zander's story

The arrival of Zander at 28 weeks brought both joy and fear for his parents Amy and Chris, and big sister Paige.

Lucy's story

‘’I can do chemo again, but I can’t lose my hair again.” Those are the heartbreaking words 13-year-old Lucy said to her mum, after being told the cancer she had battled and beaten years earlier had returned.

Sophie's story

How do you tell your three-year-old child they have cancer? This is the devastating reality Kimberley and Simon had to face in 2014 when their daughter Sophie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Joel's story

Joel manages to make everyone laugh with his fabulous sense of humour, despite what he is going through.